We at ZSS gives free advice to Go and join any good training Institute ,as per your Convenience and Budget. But before opting the Training Institute ,Consider few Points, as your Final decision make a good way to your career:-

1.) Do not get Impressed with High Class Website and various Claims made on Websites or at training centers.
2.) Do not get Impressive with High Comfortable environment ,office and buildings.
3.) Just focus on variety of Training Kits and Training Equipments
4.) If Training Institutions pressurizes for single brand PLC training ,Leave that Place as you do not know after Finishing training, on Which PLC you are going to work.
5.) Check ,Whether if its Class room or Coaching center culture where 20-50 Students are sitting. That can not be a skill training institute, leave that.
6.) Each students must sit on Training Institute individually ,not sharing with others.
7.) Check the Industrial Experience of trainer ,as Almost all prominent training institutes do not have faculty of industrial background .their Faculties are Fresh Engineering Graduates ,who have recently finished the training on Automation.
8.) Only a Good faculty having industrial background ,can guide you proper technically.
9.) Check ,Whether The Faculty /Instructor help u frequently ,as He/She might be in hurry to take care of next batches. This is not the Business of Hurry , here you need enough time to experiment the things at your own.
10.) Check, Whether, faculty /Instructor help u to understand, how the Training kit is designed or manufactured, as if you work on readymade training kit/machines, u can never know the basics.
11.) Don’t look around the fancy look of training Institute or website , Just focus ,what you want to sharpen your skill.
12.) Check, Whether the Training Institute have Training equipment or Training Machines, as Training is not About Learning the technology That’s about boosting the Confidence in yourself, as only because of this confidence ,you get success in Interview.
13.) Check whether the Faculty/Instructor Notice your weakness and strength and work personally to overcome your weakness’. because in Interview, you only get 3-5 minutes to impress the Interviewer.

Wish you Good Luck.