Our company have very good repo for providing 100% Placement Assistance.We Commit to provide Every Effort to Put the Candidate on placements.

How We fullfill our Commitment : THE APPROACH

1.) Placements Through Our own Clients
2.) Placement through ZSS's own Placement Service
3.) Placement through Placement's network
4.) Guidance to Search the Job By Candidate on its Own

Placements Through Our own Clients-

As The ZSS Group is Already providing Sales and services and are involved in various projects ,hence looking on the Qulity Candidate , our Own Clients are always ready to hold our Trained Students as an employee.

Placement through ZSS's own Placement Service

Our Own placement is commited to search and provide assistance to Job Seeker Trained Students.

Placement through Placement's network

We Have vast networking of Placement (approximately 1268 Placements Services) Countrywide ,hence leave No stone unturned and make ensure that vaccancy and oppertunity Reaches to our right Candiate.

Guidance to Search the Job By Candidate on its Own

During the process of Training , We also Train the Candidate about the Personality. Development , Ettiquets,English Conversation and JOB SEARCH GUIDANCE,hence Candidate become

Placement Charges

ZSS Does not take any Charges towards the Placement before or In between Training.Only After completion of Successful training with Some Criterea ,On wish of Candidates ,the Placements Cell starts working towards the Placement.Just before the Interview ,the Candidate is asked for Security deposit or Post dated cheque (Equivalent to One Month salary) and If the Candidate is not selected ,the Full amount or Cheque is returned back to candidate without any deduction of charges.

Contact Person

Placement Officer Mr. Arun Kumar Sahu
Contact No. +91-7065516096
E-mail ID,