Welcome To ZSS International

The First Company Zia sales & Services was founded in 2006 by Mr. A.Zahid (Ex-Samtel color limited, Ex-Thomsan USA) at Ghaziabad,Then Looking at Growing need , the Second Company ZSS - International was Established on 2011 at Ghaziabad.
The Third Company M/S keiko International recently launched in 2014 for Manufacturing Special Purpose Machine (SPM).

Since the Start of Company , The Director Found the shortage of Trained/Skilled Executive in feild of Industrial Automation,and also found that The Most of the Training Institute Has been Converted into profit generating center and less focusing on Quality of engineers, The Director was also Surprised looking on to the Quality of engineers trained by prominent Automation Training Institute as they were even not able to make small software programs and have no confidence of running the equipment and machines.

The Main reason of Poor quality Engineers was making false commitment to Fresh engineers about 100% JOB Guarantee, hence Students were confident about the Job after training hence they loosened the Opportunity to focus in-depth during training. every Body knows that No-one can give 100% Job Guarantee , even the renowned Engineering College after taking 6-10 lakhs ,they can not guarantee the Job Placement after Course completion.

Hence The Automation Training Wokshop was founded at Ghaziabad to train Fresh Graduate for company's own need .Further It was found that Some renowned company hired Our Trained Graduates at very good Salary packages.

director message

" If you chase job, you will get but never get satisfaction. If you chase expertise everything comes to you. "